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1969 Madill Steel Spar

This Steel Spar was built in March 1969 by S. Madill Ltd in Nanaimo.  estimated to weigh 60 tons. The base of the spar is an old WW2 surplus army tank. After working in many towns across Haida Gwaii it finally ended its commercial life near Chown River east of Masset. It was donated to the museum in 1995 barely in working condition. In 2006 the spar was raised during Port Clements Canada Day celebrations.

Steam Donkeys

We have two steam donkeys on the museum grounds. The one pictured is a Williamette Steam Donkey back from 1940. It was used in Cumshewa Inlet until 1952 when steam donkeys were replaced by diesel donkeys. In 1980 volunteers brought it to Sandspits boneyard and got it running. It was originally planned to be displayed in Sandspit but in 1998 was donated to the Port Museum and had to make the journey across Haida Gwaii. The second donkey was retrieved from the bushes after 70 years of being left when the logging project went bankrupt  and abandoned. Steam Donkeys played a crucial part in Haida Gwaii's Pioneering and Logging History.


Le Tourneau Electric Arch

Built in 1957 by the R.G Letourneau company in Longview, Texas this logging Arch weighing over 30 tons is 12 feet wide, 14 feet high, and 26 feet long. All its Parts are electrically controlled and diesel operated.

Very few of these were built. The machine here belonged to Ron Krug and Phil Turner who used it in the Queen Charlotte area in the early 60’s.

In 1988 he donated this machine to the Port Clements Museum to be a part of their logging display.


 This bulldozer is a Caterpillar D-7. This machine was purchased in Terrace B.C and brought to islands. The last work it did was logging timber near Southeast Harbour between Halibut Bight and Tlell by a local logging company along the highway. It was donated to the museum in 2003.

Attached to the back is a red logging arch.

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