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The Port Clements Historical Society has managed the museum since it was opened in 1987. The Historical Society runs by an electoral system. The Board is made up of the following:

  • President: elected every 2 years on even numbered years.

  • Vice President: elected every 2 years on odd numbered years.

  • Secretary: elected yearly.

  • Treasurer: elected yearly.

  • Historical Coordinator: elected yearly.

  • 2 Directors: Elected every 2 years, one elected on the even years the other on odd years.

All members of the museum also gain the right to attend and vote at meetings. 

Together this group makes the decisions for the historical museum at the annual general meetings.  

The museum has a small group of attendants that work year round.

The Port Clements Museum also offers summer employment opportunities for highschool students. They hire the community youth as museum attendants giving youth the opportunity to gain experience in a work environment and learn about Haida Gwaii's Pioneering and Logging History.

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