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The town all started with a young man who had a vision. This man’s name was Eli Tingley. He was told about this land in the Masset Inlet by some friends who were headed for the land and he decided to travel with them. 16 people had made it to the future townsite and within a few months all had ditched the idea and planned on leaving. Eli had other plans and stayed. He built his own cabin in 1908 on the bank of what is now Rennie Creek. He then ran into another problem, he learned that Graham Coal and Steamship Company had a lease for the area. He battled for six years until he got the land. He named this new townsite Queenstown and many new townsfolk arrived to this promising land. 

The town had to be renamed after figuring out that a post office could not be built due to the fact that another town had a claim over the name. Shortly after Eli decided to name the town Port Clements after the M.P. at the time, Herb Clements who later gave the town its beautiful wharf. 



After the creation of the Haida Gwaii Museum in Skidegate, there was still a piece of history about the islands not being shown. The beloved Kathleen Dalzell heard many people ask about where the artifacts on pioneering and logging would be kept. She got the attention of others and with the help of other willing community members created the Port Clements Historical Society on October 18th 1985. Then two years later, June 27th 1987 the museum was up and running. The museum is now an information filled part of BC's History and Tourism industry.

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