On the grounds around the museum is a collection of machinery that once was out in the woods working

for a living.  We have items such as the massive steam donkey engines that powered the industries of

early years, yarders and skidders and other self-propelled pieces of equipment that were in use over 50 years ago. 


Inside are artifacts that give you a look into the lives and dreams of people.  Giant chain saws, dolls and train sets

kitchen tools and hand-shaped or improvised mechanic's tools, each with a special purpose.


There are over 2000 items catalogued in our data base and many more waiting to be added.  As our yard

is not fenced you can browse the outdoor displays anytime.  To learn more about these artifacts come

inside the museum and check out the albums dedicated to these items for more information.  The outdoor

pavilion is fenced and only open while the attendant is on duty or when a volunteer may be working on an item.