I have been neglectful on updating this feature the past few months, but hopefully am back on track now.   

One of the large exhibits in our front yard is the massive Letourneau electric arch.  Estimated to weight 30 tons, it is 12 feet wide and 14 feet high and to have nearly a mile of wiring..  A diesel generator supplies electricity for all moving parts and each wheel has a motor driven through planetary gears.  It was manufactured in Longview Texas in 1957.

The arch was purchased second hand in Terrace, BC by Ron Krug and Phil Turner in 1960 and used by them in logging around the Queen Charlotte area.  It was donated to the museum in 1988 but could not be retreived until January 1990.  Numerous people and machines were involved in this:  Glen Beachy, Vern Smith and his son Dale, Bill Marshall, Lee Olson, Jim Abbott and George Ryland.



 Here is the arch getting a much needed face lift this summer.


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